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For your convenience we have provided the following useful maintenance tips as well as other helpful information below for your General Electric appliances including General Electric product line data.


10 Basic Maintenance Tips
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Types of Appliances Serviced

Air Conditioner • Convection Oven • Cook Top • Dishwasher • Disposer • Dryer • Freezer • Fridge
Garbage Disposal • Ice Machine • Ice Maker • Microwave • Oven • Refrigerator • Stove • Vent Hood
Washer • Washing Machine • Wine Cooler


Important GE Refrigerator Repair Tips

  • Periodically with a damp cloth wipe the door seal and the cabinet surface that it adheres to when door is closed. Pay special attention to the bottom portion of your GE refrigerator compartment door where often time’s spillage of drinks containing sticky sugars will cause a tackiness that can eventually deteriorate the door seal, thus causing air leakage and the need to replace the costly part.
  • Understand that although your GE refrigerator door shelves are a great convenience, the addition of extra heavy items such as 1 and 2 litter bottles will work an extra heavy burden on the door’s hinges & hardware including the plastic inner door liner and shelf bars. If unchecked, in time it will prematurely depreciate the door’s ability to close requiring a costly repair. If practical place the heaver items in the main refrigerator compartment.
  • Your GE refrigerator’s condenser coil, (the part from where the heat from inside your fridge is removed to create refrigeration), will accumulate dust deposits coming from a blower fan. This lint/ dust / junk will eventually cause refrigeration problem do to the impairment of the fridges ability to release its heat load eventually causing repairs and shortening the life of the compressor. Solution:Vacuum or brush off the condenser coil, it will usually be located on floor level in the front of your GE refrigerator, behind the kick plate grill, (see your owners manual or contact us if there are no warm coils seen there after removing the grill)Exact level or tilt adjustment of your GE fridge will control the door’s swing. If level the door will hold its position no matter the position it is opened to while tilting it slightly back will cause it to automatically close which can be desirable if difficult to close when your hands are full or when children forget to.


    Your GE refrigerator sits on screw in feet that are made to be adjusted. The use of either an open end wrench, adjustable wrench, or even a plier will fairly easily turn the feet out or in. Turning clockwise will raise the front of the refrigerator thus swinging it closed and counterclockwise will lower the door if it is presently closing to quickly or if you prefer it to stay put when opened.

    (If the door presently “wants” to swing open when not securely closed you will definitely want to take special note of these instructions).


Are you in need of GE refrigerator repair in Chicago or its suburbs? If all else fails, we are only a phone call away for any GE fridge repair, GE freezer repair or ice maker repair just call 1-800-FIX-THAT (1-800- 349-8428) for GE refrigerator service.

GE Refrigerator Safe Storage Periods

Please note: This information is only suggested, caution should always be taken including employing a personal taste and smell test for freshness. Bare in mind that other unknown factors such as the length of the previous period of refrigeration at the retailer, how long it may have been left in an unrefrigerated status before refrigerating etc, also will factor in.

Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Liquid pasteurized when opened 3 to10
Raw yokes and whites 2 to 4
Hard boiled 7
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Milk 7
Cream, half and half 3 to 4
Yogurt 28
Cottage cheese 5 to 7
Sour cream 7 to 21
Butter or margarine 30 to 90
Hard cheeses plastic wrapped 90 to 120
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Fresh Meats
Hamburger and sausage 1 to 2
Beef, lamb, pork, veal 3 to 5
Cooked Meats Gravy & broths 1 to 2
Meat dishes 3 to 4
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Processed Meats
Ham and lunch meats 3 to 5
Bacon & Franks 7
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Fried, pieces and hot meals 3 to 4
Cooked poultry in broth 1 to 2
Fresh poultry 1 to 2
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Sea Food
Smoked fish 10
Clams, oysters, (shucked), scallops 7 to 9
Crab 3 to 7
Lobster 3 to 7
Shrimp 3 to 5
Cooked 3 to 4
Fresh 1 to 2
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Fresh Vegetables
Salad greens, cabbage greens 7
tomatoes, celery, green peppers 7
Greens (spinach, kale, collards) 3 to 5
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Apples 30
Citrus 14 to 42
Grapes 7 to 21
Canned fruit and juice – opened 2 – 4
Pineapple 7
Peaches, nectarines 14 to 21
Melons 7
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
Wild Game
Rabbit, duck, goose 1 to 2
Deer 3 to 5
Food Item Safe Storage in Numberof days at 40° F
TV dinners, deli salads containing egg, tuna, macaroni, soups and stews 3 to 5
Mayonnaise 60


Northern Refrigeration specializes in GE repair including GE fridge repair, GE freezer repair, GE Ice maker repair and GE refrigerator repair for all Chicago and its suburbs. There is always a live person ready to answer your call day or night. For GE appliance service phone 1-800-fix-that (1800-349-8428)

Ten Basic Appliance Maintenance Tips


Extend Your GE Appliances Life While Avoiding Future Problems

1. Clean Your GE Refrigerator Condenser Coils.

Once or twice a year depending on conditions clean out dirt, dust, pet hair etc that can cause harmful air flow restriction, which in turn will make your GE fridge work harder, shorten the life of the compressor and drive up electric bills. A good strong vacuum can “do the trick” on the condenser coils that are usually located in
the front at floor level behind the grill/ kick plate or in the rear of the refrigerator.

2. Inspect your GE Washing Machine’s Hoses.

Replace hoses that are more than 5 years old for most washer floods are caused by hose leaks. Even if your GE washer is under 5 years old, replace them if they have cracks, small leaks, weak spots or any deformities. The hoses are the ones connected to the back of the washer and to the hot and cold water supply.

3. Replace the Refrigerator Water Filter on Your GE Refrigerator.

The Ice maker/ water in the door water filter should be replaced every 3 to 6 months on your General Electric refrigerator depending on its usage. Filters that are no longer removing contaminants and impurities could release their extra load of harmful substances through ordinary use. Removing them in most cases will merely require their being turned a quarter turn counterclockwise and to replace and installing a new one turn clock wise.

4. Clean Out The Dryer Exhaust on Your GE Dryer.

Keeping the dryer vent clear is very important. At the very least doing so will increase efficiency and lower energy bills but the most important reason is to prevent a fire hazard. Clean the GE dryer vent by first loosening the clamp that attaches it to the back of the dryer and remove the clumps of lint from the back of your GE dryer by hand or if unable to reach inside a straightened coat hanger or the like can be used to scrap out the vent. Use a good strong vacuum to remove any remaining loose remaining lint.

5. Fix Rusty Dishwasher Rack Tines on Your GE Dishwasher.

Rust on the tines that hold your dishes and silverware in place can adhere to and ruin them. You can fix the problem with the use of a tine repair kit especially made for that purpose. It seals in the any rust or chipped areas on the tines but must be allowed to dry for 24 hours after application of the sealant.

6. Check GE Oven Door Seal for Secure Fit & Condition.

A poor GE oven door seal can loose over 20% of the ovens heat causing food to take longer to cook evenly, not to mention needless energy loss. To check seal’s condition first open the oven door and inspect the rubber or fiberglass gasket around the perimeter of the door and feel for broken, torn or deformed portions. Close the door on a small piece of paper or dollar bill and notice if the door seal grabs it when the door is closed on it. If the door seal is not sealing properly it should be replaced.

7. Clean or Replace Dirty Range Hood or Down Draft Vent Filters on your GE Range.

Charcoal or paper filters should be thrown out and replaced if over two years old and/ or visibly soiled but metal mesh or plastic filters should be washed by hand in mild soapy water or run through your GE dishwasher.

8. Clean Stove Top Drip Pans on Your GE Stove.

Remove drip pans from under your GE electric burner elements or gas burners and pre-soak them in detergent solution for 5 minutes and then hand wash and put back in place. If spills have burned into pans they will have to be replaced.

9. Clean and Deodorize Your GE Garbage Disposal.

While your General Electric disposal is off look down into it to see if there are any large stuck items that may have become lodged in there. It’s best to use something like tongs or a tool instead of your hands to remove stuck items or blockages. After obstructions have been removed pour a mixture of ice cubes and salt or vinegar into your GE disposal, run cold water and turn it on. For odor removal throw a hand full of orange or lemon peels into the disposal, run cold water and turn it on.

10. Clean Your GE Air Conditioner Filter.

Vacuum reusable filters to remove as much dirt as possible or if plastic or aluminum run water through them. Disposable ones can be replaced, just bring in the old one to a GE parts vendor and match it to size. Filters should be maintained every two to four weeks.


If all else fails remember to contact Northern Refrigeration & Appliance Repair for all of your GE repair service needs. Our friendly staff including our highly trained repair technicians are available to help you at all times providing GE (General Electric) refrigerator repair service as well as GE washer repair, GE dryer repair, GE dishwasher repair, GE fridge repair, GE oven repair and GE washing machine repair for all Chicago and suburban areas.
Phone: 1-800-Fix-That (1-800-349-8428)

Helpful Laundry GE Washing Machine Tips





  • Button up pillow cases.
  • Close zippers, hooks and snaps.
  • Don’t allow metal objects in laundry such as pins and safety pins, coins, hair clips etc.


  • Check pockets before washing and remove things such as crayons, pens, gum, lipstick, lip balm, etc.


  • Treat all persistent problem stains by rubbing liquid detergent into them or treating them with a spray quality pre-wash before putting into your washer.
  • Read the care label instructions including water temperature and cycle and set it accordingly.



  • Separate natural fibers such as cottons from synthetics before putting
    them into your washer, thus preventing the oils from the natural items getting into the polyesters and other synthetics causing a color running.
  • Separately wash fleece, sweat clothing, towels etc to prevent lint from getting on the other garments.
  • To avoid color running wash new colored clothes separately the first time and thereafter in your washer until the color bleeding stops.
  • Separately wash fleece, sweat clothing, towels etc to prevent lint from getting on the other garments.
  • Never wash colored items with white garments in your washer.
  • Sort laundry in groups before placing in your washing machine: coloreds, whites, synthetics, delicates, and woolens.
  • Sort laundry in groups before placing in your washing machine: coloreds, whites, synthetics, delicates, and woolens.
  • Wash all lingerie separately.




  • Although it may seem that a fully loaded washer saves time and energy, it will also cause inefficient washing by not allowing clothes to properly swish around as they would if they were loosely dropped into the washer
    tube which will greatly enhancing washing ability.
  • Avoid placing large items such as towels, house coat etc. on one side with only light items such as underwear on the other side to prevent a tube imbalance in your washer.
  • By loading the clothes evenly together, cleaning is enhanced By evenly mixing large and small items together in the washer cleaning is enhanced.
  • Heavily soiled clothing are washed best in a reduced load size in your Washer.
  • Load synthetics just half way or less and delicates and woolens 1/3 tub in your washing machine.


Special Care Items

  • Flame retardant sleepwear: Do not place in your washer with detergent, doing so will suppress it’s flame retardant ability.
  • Woolen garments should only be soaked in detergent water for 10 to 15 minutes before the normal rinse cycle.
  • Plastic items such as vinyl backed garments, bibs, pants, etc only have to be washed in your washing machine for no longer than four minutes before being tumbled dried in a no heat dryer




  • Rinse only in cold water, this helps to prevent clothes from wrinkling.


Cold Water Washing

  • Cold water washing is normally adequate for most types of loads if liquid detergent used and as long as the water temperature in your washer is at least 70 degrees F. Powered detergent however will require a warmer temperature for it to dissolve. Unless disinfecting cloth diapers, bedding and whites, hot water should not normally be required.



And remember, Northern Refrigeration and Appliance Repair have the experts to provide prompt, expert, reliable, guaranteed reasonable General Electric washer repair for Chicago and its suburbs! We specialize in GE washer repair, (GE washing machine Repair) for all Chicago and its suburbs. We provide expert, prompt, reliable, reasonable GE service and will fix that troublesome washer of yours, phone us at 1-800-Fix-That (1-800-349-8428)

Helpful Laundry GE Clothes Dryer Tips





  • Clean the dryer lint trap before each use.
  • Depending on load size, place one to three dry towels in the dryer load to absorb moisture and speed up drying time.
  • By shaking out clothes as they are removed from washer and placed in the clothes dryer, drying time and wrinkles will be reduced.
  • A high washer spin or doubling spinning before placing the clothing in your dryer will reduce drying time and energy with a net savings far exceeding the extra washer use.



  • Avoid placing towels in the dryer with permanent press.
  • Try to dry like weight clothing with similar light weight items and likewise thick towels and other heavy things should be placed with similar heavy things.




  • Avoid putting wet items in a partially finished load, drying them separately instead would be a better choice.
  • Larger loads dry more economically but if the load is to large the advantage will reverse and also create lint. The rule of thumb should be, whatever we fit comfortably in your dryer will work best in the long run.


Drying Tips


  • Remove blankets from the clothes dryer before completely dry, then spreading them out over a bed or flat surface.
  • Woolen items should only be dried for 10 or 15 minutes at the most and removed while they are still slightly damp, before very warm, and then hang up to thoroughly dry.
  • Unload your dryer while clothes are slightly damp, especially if they are going to be hung up immediately.
  • To Avoid wrinkling, hang or fold all clothes immediately after drying.
  • If garments are wrinkled do to being over dried, toss a damp towel into the dryer until the wrinkles are gone.
  • Try to dry clothes only a long as needed to dry them, drying beyond that point eventually will set wrinkles, cause shrinkage, increase static and shorten their life.


Economy and Efficiency Measures

  • By disconnecting the dryer vent hose the dryer can serve as a supplemental heat source source in winter.
  • Every week or two inspect the outside dryer vent to be sure that when the dryer is off the automatic flapper closes, if not replace the flapper-hood assembly to prevent unnecessary heat loss while the dryer is not running.
  • Place your Dryer in a heated or at least insulated space so that it will not need to make as much energy on its own.
  • Clean dryer lint screen or trap before each use to increase efficiency and reduce lint.



We specialize in GE dryer repair. We provide the needed GE repair and GE dryer service when warm air stops. For General Electric dryer repair or General Electric dryer service call 1-800-Fix-That (1-800-349-8428) for all Chicago and suburbs.

GE Refrigerator Common Use and Care Q & A


Q: I have an older model GE refrigerator, what number or setting should the temperature dial or read out be set at?


A: Unless your GE refrigerator is equipped with a thermostat that operates on actual temperatures the numbers on the fridge read out or dial are only relative and will not represent an exact temperature. In those cases where there are only numbers or letters the way then to determine proper setting is to adjust the numbers in conjugation with a small temperature gauge in the refrigerator or freezer.

Q: What is the correct temperature for a GE refrigerator and freezer?

A: To some extent GE refrigerator temperature is a matter of personal preference however the range for the refrigerator compartment usually should be between 34° F and 40° F (Caution should be taken not to bring the refrigerator temperature to close to 32° F (freezing). The range for the freezer should usually be between 0° F and 5° F…

Q: How long should the GE fridge run before it turns itself off?

A: There’s no set time interval for a refrigerator to turn itself on and off, The General Electric refrigerator will turn itself on and off according to the demand caused by the room temperature along with how often it is entered into plus the heat load caused by warm items being placed in it – the fridge is controlled thermostatically as opposed to a timing device.

Q: My GE refrigerator has a foul odor, could that be the Freon that I smelling?

A: No, it can not be the Freon or the refrigerant that is the chemical in the GE refrigerator that creates the cooling effect because for one thing, it is odorless and if in fact it was leaking it would not be refrigerating.

Q: There is a chemical odor coming from my GE refrigerator, if it is not Freon what else could it be?

A: There is nothing chemical in a General Electric refrigerator to cause a chemical odor, but believe it or not, a mere discarded food item hiding somewhere inside the refrigerator can give off a chemical smell as it decomposes.

Q: How long should it take for my GE refrigerator to resume to a normal refrigerator temperature after it was repaired?

A: To bring a refrigerator temperature back to where it was at before it’s mechanical failure can take any where from 12 to 36 hours depending on “heat load” factors such as the quantity of food in the refrigerator, the temperature it has risen to, how long the refrigerator door was left open while the repair service technician serviced the refrigerator, etc. The higher the heat load, the longer the wait but if after 48 hours it is still running continuously you may want to re-contact the repair firm for a revisit.

Q: Should I dispose of thawed frozen food from the freezer or can it be safely refrozen?

A: Generally, as long as the food in your General Electric refrigerator/ freezer is not completely thawed all the way, it can be safely refrozen providing that it was not spoiled or had already high bacteria count locked into it from the start before it was frozen. Each case is individual so the by-words are caution and good judgment more than any rules of thumb that we can advise you on.



When questions and answers don’t sufficiently address all of your concerns, Northern Refrigeration and Appliance Repair can assist. We specialize in prompt, reliable GE refrigerator repair, (or General Electric refrigerator repair) so if the time should come that you need that refrigerator expertly and reliably fixed phone 1-800-Fix-That (1800-349-8428), serving Chicago-land


Since 1907 GE has been a constant leader in innovation of major home appliances. GE appliances are produced by one of the largest manufacturer in the world. They’ve been introducing advanced products ton enhance and improve consumer’s life style since their very inception.

The modern GE Appliances that are assembled in America come in three stylish series, the “GE Cafe Series”, made as the chefs perfect compliment , the “GE Profile Series” making a sophisticated statement in modern design and cutting edge technology and then there the exclusive “Monogram Series” luxury line, entering the world of high end, up scale appliances.



When it comes to good raw full line GE product repair experience to compliment all of GE’s fine products Northern Refrigeration & Appliance Repair can assist you! To fix it call “Fix-That” at 1-800-Fix-That – (1-800-349-8428) for all Chicago-land. Weather you need GE Refrigerator repair Chicago , GE Refrigerator service Chicago, Fridge repair Chicago or Fridge service Chicago or washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, range, stove or washing machine repair Chicago we are there for you, A live staff person answers 7 days and nights.

The GE Refrigerator

GE’s most successful Home appliance starting in the 1920s was the GE Monitor top refrigerator that up to and continuing through today has developed into their advanced modern refrigerator. It is their top seller and is the refrigerator that is still in more American homes today than any other brand. Today’s General Electric refrigerator with it’s focus on on improving our life style boasts of features like such as a stainless steel surface designed to be smudge free. By combining reasonable pricing with advanced product features, GE maintains it’s lead in home refrigerators and freezers than any other brand.

Today’s GE fridge comes in four basic designs: the top freezer GE refrigerator, the freezer on bottom GE Refrigerator, the side-by-side GE refrigerator and perhaps their most deluxe model the “French Door” GE refrigerator that combine the side-by-side with the bottom model. The General Electric fridge also comes in three styling divisions: the “Cafe”, the “Profile” and their most deluxe upscale “Monogram” series.

The General Electric refrigerator features include: duel ice makers that provide ice in both the refrigerator and freezer, “TwinChill” evaporators to help maintain proper temperature and humidity levels in both the General Electric refrigerator and freezer, an advanced filtration system to remove trace impurities from the water, a space saving ice maker in the door, internal controls with actual temperature display instead of the former old fashioned letters or numbers, “QuickSpace” shelf, a full shelf that easily stores for space flexibility in the GE refrigerator, High-gloss doors with hidden hinges that provides a seamless look with concealed hinges, showcase LED lighting arranged strategically throughout the GE refrigerator and freezer to spotlight foods for better visibility, the “ClimateKeeper” system with electronic controls, multiple sensors and a multi-flow air system that helps provide even cooling, counter-depth refrigeration gives the GE refrigerator a built in look without the added expense, a tall external ice and water dispenser allowing for larger containers for filling with ice and water, the “FreshnessCenter” provides full width drawers with separate temperature and humidity control for crispers and deli drawers, “BrightSpace” interior with “reveal” lighting provides clear interior lighting , “QuickIce” setting to speed up ice production for expected guests, “TurboCool” setting restores proper temperature to the GE refrigerator after frequent door openings, integrated ice system, designed to create more space to store frozen foods, “ExpressChill” will chill the select two liter bottles in just a few minutes, color LED lighting and “PreciseFill” dispenses accurate amounts of water and pours up to 100 ounces per minute, “FrostGuard” technology controls defrosting to keep frozen food from being affected by the defrost heater.

With GE having all these features, it’s no wonder that GE is number one in sales with their GE refrigerator.



When it comes to good raw full line GE product repair experience to compliment all of GE’s fine products Northern Refrigeration & Appliance Repair can assist you! To fix it call “Fix-That” at 1-800-Fix-That – (1-800-349-8428) for all Chicago-land. Weather you need GE Refrigerator repair Chicago , GE Refrigerator service Chicago, Fridge repair Chicago or Fridge service Chicago or washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, range, stove or washing machine repair Chicago we are there for you, A live staff person answers 7 days and nights.

The GE Washer (Washing Machine)

GE features five models of washing machines: The traditional top loading GE washer that has the usual variety of cycle and temperature control that has been around for years, the high efficiency top loading GE washer that combines energy efficiency features that save time and money while delivering exceptional cleaning results, stackable GE washers that are suitable for smaller spaces, and finally the portable GE washer where space is at a real premium.

The GE Washing machine features include The “TidalWave” wash system that combines waves of water with infuser technology and centrfusion wash action to help detergent water flow to penetrate fabrics, a “HydroHeater” with a sanitize option that provides a choice to activate an internal water heater to furtherboost incoming water temperature, the “QuietClose” glass lid with an extra wide opening to allow the lid to close more gently, the “FlowThru” dispensing system to release detergent most perfectly for optimal wash performance, the “Infuser” wash system that uses HE enabling less need for water in the traditional washer, LED electronic controls with cycle countdown display that shows how much time is left for each cycle , the “ewash” option that saves money by selecting a cold water wash on select cycle without performance sacrifice, 24 preset wash cycles for most any fabric/ soil combination including performance fabrics, fleece, pet bedding, bras and hosiery, “Overnight” – ready, washes a small load in 8 hours including drying with no need to change the load from washer to dryer, steam refresh/ steam assist using steam to both rejuvenate as well as penetrate to dissolve and remove stains, “Hydromotion” gently reversing wash action to provide greater cleaning effectiveness, five wash/ spin combinations, five wash/ rinse temperatures with a sanitize, alternate speeds and wash temperatures including sanitize for greater care of garments, a bulk bedding cycle for larger items such as blankets and jackets, vibration control that adjusts the spin pattern for floor type for a smarter wash, a 1100 RPM spin speed to reduce drying time and expense, and speed wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry.



And when your GE washer lets you down, we won’t, we’ll be there when you need us for fast expert GE washer repair Chicago and GE washer service, (sometimes referred to as GE washing machine repair Chicago or General Electric washer repair and General Electric washing machine repair), you can count on Northern Refrigeration and Appliance repair in Chicago & suburbs! You can reach us at 1-800-Fix-That (1800-349-8428).

The GE Clothes Dryer

GE dryers come in five basic types: traditional GE Dryer, the GE dryer to match the high efficiency top load GE washer, the stackable GE dryer suitable for tight spaces and the portable GE dryer suitable for tight spaces and the portable GE dryer.

There is a large assortment of features available for the GE dryer depending on the specific model, they include: steamrefresh/ steam dewrinkle, that reduces wrinkles and odors as well as rejuvenates fabrics with steam while freshening clean clothes, “Sensor Dry Plus” providing moisture ability that prevents over drying, duct sensing that let’s you know when vent ducts need cleaning, an antibacterial cycle that reduces certain types of bacteria by almost 100%, LED electronic controls with cycle countdown display that provides simplified cycle selection, “SpeedDry” quickly dries a few garments if you’re in a hurry, “eMonitor” – readout that shows exact efficiency to better adjust each cycle, the “eDry” option that reduces dryer temperature without effecting performance, the “Quick Fluff” that it create fluff in just a few minutes without heat, specialty cycles – designed foe specific items such as jeans, towels and sheets, the “DuraDry” system consisting of duel motors, moisture sensors and thermistors that continually monitor temperature for even heat.



Allow Northern Refrigeration & Appliance Repair to assist you if GE dryer repair Chicago or General Electric dryer repair Chicago is required, we’re here for you covering all Chicago-land! Just phone 1-800-Fix-That (1-800-349-8428) and a live staff person at any hour or day will dispatch GE dryer service Chicago.

The GE Wall Oven

GE has four types of wall ovens, the double GE oven, the single GE wall oven, the single that may have the same features as the double, and the single – double GE oven that is actually two ovens occupying the same space as one.

The GE wall ovens are known for their large capacity. They come in gas, electric, Features include Glass Touch Controls, “Precise” convection system, a flat cover and much more. The features that are found in the GE ovens that are built into the GE range are available in the wall oven as well.



Our GE repair service is here to provide fast reasonable qualified alternative GE oven repair Chicago, (General Electric Oven repair Chicago and the suburban area) Call 1-800-Fix-That (1800-349-8428)

The GE Range (The GE Stove)

The free standing GE range, it is available in Gas and electric, is designed to fit common “cutouts” making it easy to install. The control panel is located above the cook-top surface, placed in the back of the stove.

The Induction Range, it is he latest in range technology including “NextStop” controls with illumination to direct you and “precise air” for even browning.

The double – Oven General Electric Range is designed to provide the versatility of cooking in two different portions at the same time as well as an ability to bridge three surface burners together into one large cooking area.

The Slide In Range is designed to provide a custom built-in look yet merely need to be slide in place.

The Drop-In Range is an electric GE range that does not touch the floor but instead overhang the adjacent counter-tops to provide a seamless look.

The Duel-Fuel GE Range offers the precision of gas cooking with the evenness of an electric convection oven all in one.



We are your source for General Electric repair Chicago, we’re here to provide GE stove
Repair Chicago, GE range repair Chicago, GE oven repair and GE stove repair Chicago for you any where in Chicago and its suburbs. Just call 1-800-Fix-That (1-800-349-8428)

The GE Dishwasher

The GE Dishwasher comes in four different versions:

The 24″ Built-In GE Dishwasher With Top Controls, it conceals the controls under the top edge of the door. it allows for easy access to the controls.

The 18″ Compact Built-In GE Dishwasher: It is designed for smaller spaces or as a second dishwasher in a basement or bar area.

The Portable Dishwasher with finished sides and top so that it can be located independent of your counter-top and cabinets. It’s perfect for renters that don’t have space to install a dishwasher. The GE dishwasher with four wheels to role on and a wood grain laminate top. Other features are Cycle Process Indicators, Filtration With “ExtraFine” Filter, Multiple Wash Cycles, Multiple Wash Cycles, “Energy Star” Qualified, and a “QuitPower” Motor.



Regardless of type or features, GE dishwasher repair Chicago, (General Electric dishwasher repair Chicago) is what we do best and guarantee parts replacements for one full year! (See our written guarantee). We serve all Chicago-land with expert, prompt, reliable reasonable service;
call 1800-Fix-That (1-800-Fix-That)

If you need refrigerator repair in Chicago or its suburbs, or for that matter washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair,
dishwasher repair, oven repair, fridge repair Chicago, or any kind of major appliance repair in Chicago-land, we are here for you with timely expert repair service! Included is repair on: Sub-Zero repair Chicago, GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Bosch repair, Miele, Dacor, Thermador, Viking repair Chicago, General Electric, Frigidaire, Wolf repair Chicago, Amana, Kitchenaid , Jenn-Air, Hotpoint repair Chicago, LG, Admiral, White Westinghouse repair Chicago, U-Line, Electrolux repair Chicago, Caloric, Gaggenau, Thermador repair Chicago, Lacanche, Magic Chef, Roper, Kirkland repair Chicago, Speed Queen, Tappan, Wolf, Sunray, Wards, Kelvenator, Haier, Welbilt and all others.